Brain Wrap™

I shall now politely ask you to wrap your brains around the following basic concepts that drive my interest and participation in the visual arts. More accurately, these ideas drive me. Period. Full-stop.

Everyone is creative.
Sadly, you will never get an "A" in life.
Happily, there is no such thing as a grade book for your life.
Art is craft and craft is art.
The right tool is essential.

The process of wrapping one's brain around new idearz requires time. You are now dismissed from the computer. Perhaps you should turn it off entirely. Go lie down in a comfy spot such as the bamboo floor of a yoga studio which is enveloped in the relaxing sounds of mysterious chimey music from an equally mysterious foreign culture.

Then, mull over these simple ideas. Let them soak into your gray matter like spilled milk into a sponge.

Soak soak soak.

If you soak and relax and meditate on these ideas and you say, "I do not believe that I can agree with all of these silly tenants from this silly person" then you will be bored senseless here and you should go find a blog about serious matters such as stock portfolios and legal documents. If, however, you used your time to dream about puppies and kittens and horsies in green pastures and lollipops and gumdrops and clouds shaped like duckies, you have properly soaked up your brain-milk.

Good job.

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