Take a Moment to Explore the Cloud

Pop Quiz on Cloud Computing ...
What is Cloud Computing?
a. It's a lame excuse to post a photograph of a cloud.
b. This is how angels communicate.
c. Providing computing services provided online by businesses like Google that are accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on the servers.
d. difficult.

The answer is C! Although I would have to accept A since I did, in fact, post a photo of a cloud.

Cloud computing allows you to store your information "out there" in addition to on your computer. And then you can link to this information.

Speaking, as we are about cloud computing, one of the greatest things in the world besides Vladimir is my Google account. With this one account I can do things like:
  • access free email
  • create a blog, or two, or seventeen
  • store photos
  • create a presentation
  • word processing
  • create mailing lists
  • keep track of your life with a calendar
  • so much more!
So go get a Google account so we can talk more about computing in the cloud.

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